Arbeit – Budowle Socjalizmu Nasza Duma – Re-edition

Arbeit - Budowle Socjalizmu Nasza Duma - Redycja cover
Boanerges Diy label has prepared the reedition of Arbeit’s album „Budowle Socjalizmu Nasza Duma”, which was well received in 2013. The secondary project of the creator of dark ambient Hoarfrost takes a listener to socialist reality of Polish People’s Republic. Speaches of dygnitaries, stertorous sounds of machines and crossed next norms of production. „Budowle Socjalizmu Nasza Duma” is everyday picture seeing by the eyes of ordinary worker. Social and political satire smelted in industrial-noise furnace. Premiere: 08.10.2017r.

You can order the album on Boanerges Diy: boanerges1 [at] wp [dot] pl

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