Tomasz Twardawa from Genetic Transmission and Dawid Chrapla from Synapsis – the special guest on Anima Mundi

tomasz_twardawa_genetic_transmission_hoarfrost_anima_mundi_dark_ambient_industrial_experimental_noise_releaseWe ask ourselves what if someday good mother Gaia show the other face – infanticide Medea? Then nothing will be the same anymore. We will feel deceived and betrayed. The embrios straying by the destroyed planet – without faith, we will die deprived of hope for surviving. The world will collapse beneth our feet. Anima Mundi – where our human oddysey leads.
The last composition on the album is Medeaeternum. Its title is compilation of the name of the mythic murderess Medea and the latin word meaning „eternal”. We invite for the journey by the world of hopelessness two representants of Polish industrial and noise scene: Tomasz Twardawa i Dawid Chrapla, which figures we are presenting now.

Tomasz Twardawa is present on the music scene since 1986. He is a precursor of Polish industrial music. He played, among others, in Zilch, Ładne Kwiatki and Godzilla. His solo project Genetic Transmission became a legend of this scene. Twardawa was also a member of trio Hated Bruit Kollekiv. He met there Dawid Chrapla, known as well from D.CH. Nojsens, Antibiotix and Synapsis, among others. Dawid Chrapla is the music experimenter, often collaborating with musicians, representing different music genres.

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