V/A – Dark Ambient Vol 3

V/A - Dark Ambient Vol 3V/A Dark Ambient Vol 3

Track name: Homo Sacer

Label: Sombre Soniks
Date: 21 march 2012
Format: mp3

With: Bisclaveret, Black Sun, Aural Whiteout, Inner Vision Laboratory, Colossloth, MRT, Maciek Szymczuk & Slowtion, Coma Centauri, Ambient Blackhearts Division, Somnambulist, Karsten Hamre, Ab Intra, The Grave Dominion, Xun, Zreen Toyz, Lamia Vox, Synapsis, Joran Laperre, Phantom Ship, [ówt krì], Vulture’s Quartet, Sound Skrapes (featuring CEO)
3rd in thee series of kompilations featuring 23 Dark Ambient artists, this time in kollaboration with Zoharum Records with six of their rostered artists taking part!

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