V/A – Dark Ambient Vol 5

V/A - Dark Ambient Vol 5V/A Dark Ambient Vol 5

Track name: Haereticae Pravitatis

Label: Sombre Soniks
Date: 20 march 2013
Format: mp3

With: Akoustik Timbre Frekuency & Druha Smrt, Viginti Tres Saecula & The Domesticated Princess Of Purple Disaster, Hoyland & P23, Immundus & Tamerlan, Coma Centauri & Carlos Ramirez, Night At Noon & Zagrob, Aeternum X & Babalith, dead.circuit & Cristes Renau, Sons Ov Sirius, Dreamwash & IoNiZeR, Taphephobia & Phantom Ship, The Implicit Order & Ars Sonor, 0+Q & Fecal Fetal, Xambuca feat Carl Abrahamsson, Ouroboros & Backyard Ghost, Urna & IA, Grist & Lucas Darklord, Andy Brown & Will Connor, Temple Music & The Gray Field Recordings, Steve Mason & Seesar, Tribes of Medusa & Saltarello, The Temple of Algolagnia & Melankolia 46 Dark Ambient projects collaborating on 23 compositions for the Vernal Equinox

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