V/A – Officina Ferraria Reworked

V/A - Officina Ferraria ReworkedV/A Officina Ferraria Reworked – Synapsis

Track name: Opór Materii

Label: Zoharum 035-2
Date: 14 october 2012
Format: CD

SYNAPSIS returns with a new album. This time, their material has been reconstructed or deconstructed by other artists. „Officina Ferraria Reworked” is composed of 13 remixes by SUNAO INAMI, GEttNER, ZENIAL, VILGOĆ, HOARFROST, WOLFRAM, KOMORA A, C.H. DISTRICT, SELF INFLICTED VIOLENCE, TOMASZ KRAKOWIAK, DEPTHEAD, TYKO CHING, FACIAL INDEX

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